Gaurav Chintamani


Music producer, Audio Engineer, Musician and Educator; Gaurav has been involved with these tangents of music since 2002. He has been running Quarter Note Studios since 2006 and has composed and produced music for jingles, films, documentaries, theatre and podcasts. As a music producer and engineer, he has worked with many artists through the years. As the bass player for Advaita, one of India’s most reputed bands, he has released 2 studio albums to critical acclaim and toured across the country and internationally.  As a guitar player, he has released music as ‘The Dit Machine’, which is his solo studio based project. As an educator, Gaurav is the Head of the audio school at The Sri Aurobindo Centre for Arts and Communication; one of the the most prestigious music production schools in India.


Serendipity Soundscapes Presents Dil Ki Baatein: Affairs of the Heart in Song
Serendipity Soundscapes is a unique initiative by Serendipity Arts Festival. Our music curators are invited to bring together the unique sounds of the subcontinent in an extraordinary concert.