Smriti Rajgarhia


Director and force extraordinaire behind Serendipity Arts, Smriti Rajgarhia is a secret architect with a love for Philosophy and an (unhealthy) obsession with all things Sci-Fi and Marvel.

Minaal Mehra

Marketing and Operations)

Minaal Mehra likes his jokes just the way he likes his solutions – smart & sharp!

Nandita Jaishankar

Editorial & Programming

Nandita Jaishankar is our fairy godmother of words, texts, and baked treats.

Prerna Jaiswal


Prerna Jaiswal is as fluent with ragas as she is with tadkas and tapas.

Nitya Iyer

Programming & Production

Nitya Iyer is the definition of ‘grace under pressure’; a lesson in calm and sass in equal measures, who also sets the dance floor on fire.

Keith Peter


Keith Peter, mild-mannered Programming team member by day, rock-climbing ninja by night.

Faraz Abbasi

Digital & Strategy

Faraz Abbasi is always on-point with his strategy, fashion and puns.

Gunjan Toshniwal


Gunjan Toshniwal is our resident expert on numbers and deals and infectious smiles!

Prajit Menon

Partnerships & Alliances

Prajit Menon, a thorough gentleman and design-enthusiast, is always ready for a challenge!

Apoorva Gupta

Partnerships & Alliances

Apoorva Gupta is a trailblazer who always manages to find ways to make the wrongs, right!

Sukarn Khankriyal

Marketing & Operations

Sukarn Khankriyal is the Houdini behind the on-ground magic of Serendipity!

Saranbir Singh Arneja


Saranbir Singh Arneja keeps the wheels of Serendipity churning with his logistical super-powers.

Rohit Kumar Jha

Finance & Accounts

Rohit Kumar Jha makes all our paperwork pains go away.

Ashutosh Badal

Travel & Logistics

Ashutosh Badal makes multitasking logistics for hundreds of people look like a walk in the park.

Pooja Yadav

Travel & Logistics

Pooja Yadav is our official ray of sunshine and smooth operator of organizing planes, trains, buses and cabs!

Shashwat Sharma

Human Resources

Shashwat Sharma keeps us all going with his energy and feel-good tips.

Manoj Singh

Office Assistant

Manoj Singh, our Jack of All Trades, is the saviour of all Serendipity souls!

Deeksha Vats


Deeksha’s work ethic is outmatched only by her fashion sense.

Padam Malik

Digital Marketing

Padam is the quiet wizard. He prefers his bikes making all the noise.

Utsav Das

Editorial & Marketing

Utsav writes and knows things.

Antriksh Chandra


Antriksh’s name is his aim and destination.

Subhashini Jain

Graphic Designer

Subhashini likes striking the perfect balance between art and design!

Ruchi Manchekar


Ruchi brings a lot of things to the SAF table but we stopped counting after her tiffin box!