Kamayani Sharma


Kamayani Sharma is an independent writer and researcher. A former text editor for ART India, to which she continues to contribute as Delhi correspondent, her critical writing has appeared in Artforum, The White Review, Momus, Critical Collective and Take On Art, as well as in exhibition catalogues. Sharma holds an MA from the School of Arts and Aesthetics, JNU. She was awarded an Inlaks-Take On Art Writing Grant in 2015 and was the critic-in-residence at the Serendipity Arts Foundation’s Dharti Residency in 2018, a stint that culminated in the publication of her essay in book form (“Explorations of the Contemporary,” 2019) as part of a HarperCollins series. She has been a research associate to a Brown University anthropologist, taught philosophy at Ashoka University, and been a researcher at Sarai-CSDS.


Dharti Arts Residency 2018
The second edition of Dharti Arts Residency saw the artists working closely with a critic in residence.