Karan Suri Talwar


Karan is a film maker and co-founder/curator at Harkat Studios, a multi-disciplinary boutique arts studio based in Mumbai and Berlin.

He directs narrative and experimental films, curates exhibits and performative works and is an arts enabler and maker as part of his work at Harkat.

Karan is interested in experiential storytelling, discourses which involve working with the hands, material memory, sustainable neighbourhood models for art spaces, politics as candy and accessible art interventions. With a multi – disciplinary background, he matches ideas with mediums and his work ranges from conceptual installations to film making to experimental mixed media. Notable curatorial work includes the ‘Museum of Ordinary Objects’, Harkat as an ongoing alternative performance space, ‘India on film’ and the ’16mm film festival’.

In the past, he has worked as an associate director with filmmaker Prakash Jha, in mainstream Hindi films like Raajneeti, Satyagraha, Chakravyuh and Aarakshan.