Partha Sengupta


Partha is a documentary photographer who left his finance profession to pursue photography, a passion he nurtured from his school days. In 2012, he joined in a small newspaper in Kolkata to began his career in photography. To learn more about the documentary photography he enrolled at Counter Foto at Dhaka in 2014. Since then till 2018 he was attached with the organisation. His upbringing in a refugee family, parents migrated from East Pakistan , during the study at Counter Foto , he developed interest on Partition history of Bengal. He was keen to make visual stories on unfinished issues of the Bengal partition and Bhumiputra, Bloodiest Border and Enclaves are his visual stories on the subject. Bhumiputra was a story which he got a grant support from Serendipity Arts Foundation in 2018. His works exhibited in India and abroad and last one at the Parliamentary Gallery in 2020.