Ravi Chaurasiya


Ravi Chaurasiya completed his Masters of Fine Arts  in Painting at the Department of Fine Arts, Jamia Millia Islamia New Delhi, and Bachelor of Fine Arts in Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi. He is currently based and studio practicing in New Delhi.

His recent body of work uses realistic style and semi-figurative approaches in art practice. His style and work invokes multiple things and is full of aliments of the world and its very existence. Often, a deeply human figure is looking for its own path or the existence of the imaginative architect on one side and the symbolic experimental figure on the other.  His works have multiple dimensions – various visual techniques and concepts are used. The work is not limited to any single medium; most works of art mixed media. He is deeply interested in animal and human forms, specifically dogs (given their close-ness to human beings), and how they can be understood as a metaphor for human society. His painting seeks to represent the discourse on the environment and how the interventions of human have affected it.

He has an interdisciplinary art practice which spans diverse mediums in various scales presented in the form of Painting, Drawing, Installations, Sculpture, Sound art, Video art (site-specific/site responding) photography, performative, performance etc. – and there is a focus on experimentation with light and colour which he has tried to show through the process, subjects, concepts and choice of medium. The process has always been bound up in time and the time duration from beginning a piece of work till the end is what really holds the importance in work, and brings us much closer to it. Things that arouse his interest have to do with the life of any living or inanimate object, the temporal quality of animal and humanity activity seen our environment.


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