Sachin Lele


Working in the entertainment industry as a lighting designer, programmer and operator for 9 years, Sachin Lele’s reactions in terms of design has been on a constant change. Lighting has played a crucial role in his understanding of the geometry, poetry and painting of objects, people and spaces. To be able to express through lighting spaces has always been both the motivation and aspiration for Lele. Working with different artists in theatre, dance, music and arts, made him understand and differentiate the perspectives and learn emotions such as empathy, love, togetherness, inclusiveness, being rational, logical and unlearning process. Changing landscapes on politics, climate change and other elements have impacted his reactions on design and has made him more aware of the same. He feels that performance art ,as a whole, has the power of transforming lives and working towards it shall be the only goal.


Photo-Copy is a tale about a blemished family of 4 living individuals and the hope of the existence of a ‘late’ member. An irreparable loss of the head of the family, a husband and father, leave the rest in a state of uncertainty.