Sharanya Deepak


Sharanya Deepak is a writer and editor from New Delhi, India. She writes about food, language, and the commodification of culture, and is currently working towards a book of essays. Read more of her work on her website:

Sharanya’s project ventures into food histories and reflects on the resourcefulness of people who have faced natural and man-made famines, employing ingenuity to source alternative food items. Her proposal aims to study each of these events as a part of food-history, think of their relevance in the present-day, and approach the concept of hunger in a sensitive and reflective way, focussing on the agency and intelligence of those affected that rendered survival against all odds. 

“I want to free the idea of food from taste-centred gastronomy, and in the same, throw light on foods that fed hunger in a way that is not patronising, that is, I don’t wish to call them “humble”, or “minimal” but situate them in a context and attribute to them the value and worth they deserve.”