Sujay Saple


Sujay Saple is Artistic Director of Shapeshift, a performance company based in Mumbai, India. He has choreographed/directed ten original works which have performed at various festivals and prestigious venues around India, and which have received rave reviews. He has been a freelance director, designer, performer and workshop conductor for over seventeen years, and worked on over fifty performance projects. Shapeshift’s focus has been to galvanize, within the existing cultural bouquet, a vibrant supportive space for contemporary movement work and interdisciplinary experimental performance – fields which are relatively young and struggling in India. Shapeshift’s works include ‘Unselfed’(2012), ‘Moonfool’(2014), ‘Ghar Ki Murgi’(2017), ‘Agent Provocateur’(2017), ‘Plastic Bodies’ (2017), ‘Sculpting Intimacy’ (2018), ‘This Is All There Is When There Is All This’ (2018), ‘Lullaby, Stranger’ (2018), ‘Sons of the Soil’ (2018), and ‘Do You Want Me To Stay For Anything In Particular?’ (2019).