Tansha Vohra


Tansha Vohra spends her time scribbling through cookbooks, growing food in tiny spaces and writing. Her work has appeared in The Goya Journal, Mold Magazine, and Paper Planes. She views the world through the lens of food, and is interested in creating resilient and regenerative solutions to the daily conundrum of feeding ourselves. She has just foraged four weaver ant nests and is recipe testing for a fermented ant chutney.  

During the Serendipity Art Foundation’s Food Lab, Tansha hopes to explore Entomophagy or the practice of insect eating in India. She believes that a curiosity driven approach to food with sustainability at its core is the need of the hour.  

“The Boochi project is meant to be an open invitation to anyone who wishes to taste what the future might look like. This is an opportunity to change the narrative of insect eating as a practice born from scarcity or one steeped in stigma and shame, to one that views it from the lens of preserving food culture and as a future food game changer.”


Food lab 2021
To say this past year has been stressful would be an understatement. Every routine we were familiar with was disrupted, and all our attention was directed to the virtual world – to stay connected with friends and family, for entertainment, and of course, for work.