photo-Copy in Kolkata

In collaboration with Kolkata Centre for Creativity

We have arrived in Kolkata with a sneak peek into South Asia’s largest celebration of the arts across disciplines and genres – Serendipity Arts Festival 2023.  

Photo-copy is a commissioned theatre piece that explores themes of grief, loss and reconciliation. A troubled family of four grapples with the death of the head of the family, and the state of uncertainty that ensues with the absence of a husband and a father. 

About Photo-copy

“I saw in a dream that I’m standing and on the wall opposite me, there is a photograph of my dead father with a garland of fresh flowers around the frame. Suddenly a hand emerges out of the frame and makes me wear the garland instead. Now my father is standing and looking at a photograph on the wall-that photograph is a photograph of my face, with a garland of fresh flowers around the frame.” 

The eldest sibling, Satyaprakash begins to question his own identity as memories of his father fade and warp and he can’t recognise himself anymore.

Where is his emotional responsibility towards his family? On his father’s 15th death anniversary, he goes back to his family home to re-live these distant memories. What unfolds is not what the family desires, but is undeniably needed for their survival. 

Will this turmoil leave Satyaprakash’s mother, brother, and sister devastated once again, or will the family be able to redefine their state of uncertainty and find a way forward?