27 September 2018

Dancers Rukmini Vijayakumar, Sandhya Muralidharan, Asokavadhani A, Pritika Krishnakumar, Priyadharshini Rajendran, Padmasree KS, Anusha HP, Nidhi Rao, Shivangi Nigam, Meera Sunder, Guest Performers Kiran Srinivas, Priyanka Chandrasekar, Reanna Ranjan, Set Designer Prathiroopi, Set Execution Sridhar Murthy, Lighting Designer Pritham Kumar, Music Composer Rajkumar Bharathi.

The Royal Opera House, Mumbai


The Dark Lord is a dance/theatre experience that will take viewers on a journey through the images of the many seekers of Lord Krishna. The Self or Supreme consciousness, has been given many forms and identities in Indian culture. Very often, the form of Krishna is representational of a physically manifested idea that saints, spiritual leaders, yearn to know, recognize, or fall in love with. The story of Meera is inspirational in more ways than one. She was a woman who existed at a time where there were social norms and ideas of propriety for a woman. Meera was in love with ‘The Dark One’ , Krishna from the time she laid eyes on him as a child. Her mother had told her in playful jest that he was her betrothed and Meera had taken it seriously. Through the years her love for Krishna grew. This reflected in her awareness of the self and the trivialization of the mundane, physical materialistic world. She was chastised repeatedly. But her love and devotion was unwavering. Many other stories of women and saints, are reflected in Meera, the story of Andal, Radha, Kanakadasa, are few among many. Drawing from the Classical Indian dance vocabulary of Bharatanatyam, the experience challenges the boundaries of performance and theatre, creating a visual impact that doesn’t contain itself to the currently prescribed norms of presentation by attempting to break the barriers of space between the performer and audience.