Culinary Stalls - Open call


The Culinary Arts segment curated by Thomas Zacharias and the Locavore Team for Serendipity Arts Festival 2023 aims to ignite a meaningful dialogue around food and its intricate connections with culture, community, and sustainability. Through this Open Call, we invite culinary artists, chefs, and food artisans to showcase their creativity, while highlighting the core themes delineated below.


This year’s curation seeks to facilitate a deeper connection between food producers and consumers, offering Festival-goers a culinary journey that tantalises their taste buds, while fostering a profound appreciation for the role of food in our lives, through the themes of agroecology, heritage, memories, community, and zero waste.

We encourage food stall participants to:

    • Source their ingredients sustainably — supporting local farmers and practising regenerative agriculture — and highlight the importance of biodiversity, organic farming, and responsible food production in their culinary creations (Agroecology)
    • Pay homage to the rich culinary heritage of Goa — by infusing traditional flavours, recipes, and cooking techniques into modern dishes — and explore the historical significance of certain ingredients and preparations (Heritage)
    • Celebrate the nostalgia of food — by presenting dishes that evoke personal or collective memories — and encourage chefs to share stories behind their creations, adding a unique narrative to the culinary experience (Memories)
    • Foster a sense of togetherness and communal dining through shared dining experiences, and collaborate with local communities to showcase their culinary traditions and foster cultural exchange (Community)
    • Promote sustainable practices — by minimising food waste, packaging waste, and single-use plastics — and encourage composting and recycling at the festival, educating attendees on responsible consumption (Zero Waste)
  • Exposure and Outreach: Serendipity Arts Festival is a renowned platform that attracts a diverse and culturally-inclined audience. Your participation will present an opportunity to extend your reach to a broader clientele, creating brand recognition and fostering a loyal following among Festival-goers.
  • Community Engagement: Being a part of the Festival allows you to connect with the local community, collaborate with local food producers, strengthen ties with our culinary roots, and foster meaningful relationships. 
  • Storytelling: Your dishes are not just about flavours; they are about stories and memories. We look forward to sharing the narratives behind your creations, engaging with Festival attendees, and kindling their own culinary memories through your food.

Festival Dates: 15 to 23 December 2023
Location: Panjim, Goa
Stall Timings: 12 noon to 10 pm on all days (will vary based on allocated venue)
Fees: Fixed fee of INR 10,000 (Rupees Ten Thousand only), exclusive of taxes, per day for 9 days (15 – 23 December) as payment for stall space allocated to you at the Festival. This fixed fee for the Participation Days shall be paid by you to the Foundation.
Deadline for Applications: September 30 @ 11:59pm IST

The final menu and pricing for the festival will be discussed and collectively decided along with Chef Thomas Zacharias and The Locavore Team

  • Infrastructural support viz. water from tankers, electricity, counter space and stall space. Water and electricity will be provided during operational hours i.e., 8 hours as per standard SAF internal policy. Any additional usage may be provided at the discretion of SAF as per its internal policy.
  • SAF shall provide Stall Space, Covered Roof, Separate Space for Cooking & Cleaning (common for all), Storage Space (common for all).
  • Space for branding and marketing. Sizes and location for hoarding shall be left to the discretion of the Foundation and will be shared by the Foundation at the start of the Festival.
  • SAF will implement a Central Billing System that all vendors must follow. You will receive training on this system collectively a few days before the festival starts.
  • You need to get all the necessary licenses and permissions for your establishment, like FDA approval, GST registration (if it applies to you), PAN card, Aadhar card, food safety license, and Excise permission. You’ll have to do this alongside a representative from SAF, and you’ll be responsible for the costs.
  • It’s important to always have a copy of your GST certificate displayed at your food stall. Don’t forget to do this.
  • For every sale you make at your food stall, you must provide a tax invoice. This invoice should include your GST number and a clear breakdown of the taxes. All the items you sell should have a price that includes the applicable taxes in Goa. During the festival, you should have a sign at your stall saying, “Consider your meal free if you don’t receive a bill.”
         For any enquiries, please contact [email protected] & [email protected].