Anuja Ghosalkar


Anuja Ghosalkar is the founder of Drama Queen–– a Documentary theatre company, evolving a unique form of theatre in India since 2015. Her practice focuses on personal histories, archival absences and blurring the hierarchies between audience and performer–– to extend the idea of theatre to create audacious work.

Iterations around form and process, modes of (social) media, sites, technologies, reclaiming narratives on gender and intimacy are critical to her performance making and pedagogy.

As artist-in-residence at Art Lab Gnesta, Sweden she created her debut show, Lady Anandi which travelled extensively across India, and showcased independently in Berlin and Stockholm. Her performances and workshops have been programmed by University of Oxford, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Serendipity Arts Festival, National Centre for Biological Sciences, Forum Transregionale –ZMO, First Post, Kerala Museum, FLAME University among others. Anuja is the co-curator of the international workshop series on Documentary Theatre with her German collaborator––that programmed artists like Boris Nikitin, Rimini Protokoll, Zhao Chuan and Gobsquad. As visiting faculty at Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology since 2016, she leads practice based pedagogy. In the past, she was programme officer at India Foundation for the Arts, film programmer for Experimenta and India researcher for University of Westminster. She is an Art Think South Asia Fellow (2017-18) and has written on film and performance for Nang Magazine, Art India, Bioscope, Hakara, Scroll, and Ladies Finger.