HH Art Spaces


HH Art Spaces ran as an artist-run residency space established in October 2014 in Siolim, Goa by Romain Loustau, Madhavi Gore and Nikhil Chopra. The program focuses primarily on live art and performance with a strong emphasis on interdisciplinary and collaborative work. HH Art Spaces creates a space for reflection, inspiration and creation; where artists come together to make and share their ideas, processes, experiments and collaborative efforts with one another and the community.

They are part of a movement of artists from the big cities to Goa, as an environment that offers space, time, an international community and an increasingly critical audience. Their intention is to run the organisation as shared space for ourselves and for other artists. They believe that residencies are a very important part of the life and work of an artist owing to the time, space, facilities and networks that they provide. They are also deeply invested in creating an archive of live art.

Through the overlapping and interweaving of different practices and disciplines there is an inherent desire to create new languages and ways of making and receiving art. Every residency term ended with an OPEN Studio when the house and gardens transformed into a public exhibition to connect them with the larger community of Goa. HH Art Spaces in the last 4 years, have hosted approximately 50 national and international artists in residence, conducted six onsite and offsite workshops and exhibitions, held 20 OPEN Studios and collaborated with organisations within and outside India, including Catterjee & Lal, KHOJ, Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation (ongoing), Japan Foundation, Alliance Francaise, Canada Council for the Arts, Ontario Arts Council, Serendipity Arts Trust (ongoing), Sunapranta, Goa and GOAPHOTO. HH Art Spaces is quickly emerging as an important venue for the live arts in South Asia. As a collective, they consider themselves and function as artists, mentors, facilitators and curators.