Mayuri Upadhya


A choreographer, an educationist and a creative entrepreneur—Mayuri Upadhya’s career has foraged beyond the conventional dance network. Her canvas of work depicts a wide range. Her two decades long journey is marked by a beautifully balanced mix of efforts towards visual interpretations, cultural sensitivity, conditioning future generations and capacity building. Among many others, Mayuri has received awards such as The ‘International Competition of choreography for Asian Dance Productions’ (South Korea) and the BROADWAY WORLD Best Choreographer Award for the epic musical ‘Mughal-e-Azam’. Her transformation from a simple girl-next-door to a visionary entrepreneur is attributed to her grounding in Indian classical forms, complemented by contemporary training. But most of all, her enthusiasm to enable this entrepreneurship stems from her vision of making dance a sustainable industry in India, which she believes, when woven with innovation, has the potential to reach all segments of society. She currently heads Bangalore-based premier dance organization Nritarutya.