Subodh Gupta


Subodh Gupta’s sculpture incorporates everyday objects ubiquitous throughout India- steel tiffin boxes, thalis, bicycles, milk pails. His works investigate the transformational power of the everyday in terms of these mundane items, reflecting on the transformation of his homeland. Gupta has long explored the effects of cultural translation and dislocation through his work, demonstrating art’s ability to transcend cultural and economic boundaries. His ideas have taken shape in a variety of different media, from film, video and performance to steel, bronze, marble, and paint, which Gupta employs for both their aesthetic properties and as conceptual signifiers. In recent years Gupta has shifted his attention from mass produced stainless steel objects to found objects. He is fascinated by the traces left on these objects by their previous owners, turning them from inanimate utensils into items charged with stories of lives lived, visualised by scratches and dents.  Before his education as a visual artist, Gupta, who is passionate about film, was a street theater actor. The artist’s change of residence from his native village to a major urban center is in a way an allegory of today’s India. The growing middle class that migrated from villages to large cities is eagerly clearing the path for change and the dominance of global capitalist culture. Gupta is interested in what inevitably disappears in the process of such change.

“The curator stepped down from their role on December 2018 due to prevailing circumstances”