Collaboration with the Foundation for Indian Contemporary Art (FICA) 
October – November 2017 
Goa, India


The Foundation for Indian Contemporary Art (FICA) and Serendipity Arts Foundation (SAF) will came together to collaborate on two exciting art workshops for children, held in Goa – Anatomy of a Dot, conducted by Nilanjana Nandy, and Stories on the Wall, conducted by Ruchin Soni. The workshops were designed to explore the notions of picturesque Goa, the postcard version of the state as a dream tourist destination against the lived realities and personal experiences of the place that the children have. The children were encouraged to explore the spaces around them, form their own narratives, and share their visions and expressions of the city.

Images courtesy Douglas Gracias

Anatomy of a Dot

This workshop focused on most basic aspect of anything visual – the Dot. Everyone is familiar with dots – the full stop, the dots above some alphabets, in mathematics and science. Drawing from this prior knowledge, the theme explored how artists have seen and observed the dot across centuries, continents and cultures.

Conducted by : Nilanjana Nandy

Santo Miguel High School, Goa 
6th – 10th November, 2017

Stories on the Wall

This five-day workshop focused on engaging young learners in a collaborative exercise of mural. The idea of the workshop was to explore personal experiences of Goa through making or exploring the comic format on a large mural scale, so as to tell stories of Goa.

Conducted by : Ruchin Soni

Auxilium School, Goa 
9th – 13th October, 2017

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