Curated by Arundhati Nag Directed by Sunil Shanbag

Theatre workshop conducted by Saudamini Kalra Music workshop conducted by Rohan Naik Movement workshop conducted by Amodi Sanap Acting workshop conducted by Keatan Jadhav Project assisted by Shravan Fondekar Coordinated by Vishal Rawlley Production management by Sai Kalangutkar Produced by Serendipity Arts Foundation


The Camarabhat community theatre project was initiated by Arundhati Nag, theatre curator, for the Serendipity Arts Festival 2019. Camarabhat located in Talegaon, adjoining Panjim, is home to a vibrant third-generation migrant community. The 3-month project brought together children aged between 10 and 13 years into a continuing engagement with theatre, music, and movement. Theatre director Sunil Shanbag put together a team of young theatre practitioners from Goa, and elsewhere, to give shape to the intent. The project, based on a well-known children’s poem by Goan poet Manoharrai Sardesai titled Bebeanchem Kazar (“The Wedding of the Frogs”), began with a workshop which introduced the children to theatre games, the importance of working together towards a common goal, and basic storytelling, followed by workshops in music and movement.


Ganesh Basuraj Karishetty, Vikas Raju Talwar, Sachin Basuraj Negeri, Sohail Sachin Ellalnar, Sohan Basu Karishetty, Kumar Basuraj Negeri, Vedant Durgaprasad Talwar, Mohit Maruti Ellalnar, Rakesh Laximan Talwa, Rohan Raja Ellalnar, Raunak Maruti Ellalnar, Ritik Maruti Ellalnar, Ritesh Suryakant Gawas, Rohan Ravi Harijan, Anushka Rajesh Kattimani, Sadhna Rajesh Kattimani, Khushi Parshuram Kattimani, Supriya Raja Ellalnar, Urmila Yeshwant Madwal, Chaitra Maruti Harijan, Akshara Siddap Madwal, Kashish Siddap Madwal, Rohini Tukaram Candinwar