Curated by Ranjana Dave

Abhanga Ranga is a presentation that captures the spirit of the Varkari saints of Maharashtra through the medium of Bharatanatyam. The abhangas, which are gems of poetry rich with devotional fervour, have been translated into a visual landscape in this performance. The choreography through descriptive images in Bharatanatyam, unfolds the stories of deities like Ganapati, the glories of Lord Rama, the leelas of Krishna, the pangs of separation from the God, ending with Dnyaneshwar’s Pasaayadaan. The traditional narrative of classical dance idiom also explores the philosophy and thoughts of Bhakti Marga. The pulse of this celebrative work is the rich literature of the four pillars of Varkari Sampradaya, Sant Dnyaneshwar, Sant Naamdev, Sant Eknath, and Sant Tukaram.

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