Project By Amitesh Grover

Amitesh Grover’s The Money Opera is an immersive theatre production created as a site-specific project. Housed in a 5-storey abandoned building, it contains songs and stories of ambition, guilt, fear, desire, love, community, and many others that reveal the nature of contemporary society — what it keeps hidden, oppressed, and buried. In this unnamed building, you meet an oracle, a mourner, a salesman, a dreamer, a thief, a divine child, a rebel, a broker, and several others, who hammer at society’s facade and tell us about the extent to which they go to survive in, or fight against the system — how money breaks them or makes them, forsakes or awakens them. The Money Opera is an experimental production where audiences enter a building and spend time with characters (played by actors and real life professionals) in a dystopic universe. Like the free-market economy, this is free-wheeling theatre, where the audience chooses what they watch, how they watch, but are in little control of what occurs inside the building.

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