Curated by Wendell Rodricks

Designer Wendell Rodricks travels across the sea and the silk route to discover the influences that result in the creation of the Pano Bhaju in Goa. From the Far East, countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Burma and China combine a sarong or lungi worn under a blouse that form the inspirational foundation to create the Pano Bhaju. Sri Lanka, Kerala and North East India have their versions of the sarong. Across the mountains, Persia, China and Central Asia influence the pattern pieces and embroidery motifs of the Goan Pano Bhaju. Japan, on the Pacific edge, also provides motifs and gold thread grandeur to the Pano Bhaju; apart from the white socks worn with a kimono which appear with the Goan costume. Sourcing garments from these countries, Wendell Rodricks celebrates the complex history and influences that create one of Goa’s most iconic garment from the last century.

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