Curated by Mahesh Bhat & Dinesh Khanna

Celebrating the Extraordinary Grandeur of Smallness” derives inspiration from the writings of botanist Robin Wall Kimmerer’s book on mosses. It is the 3rd project in the UNSUNG series. Published by photographer Mahesh Bhat, the first volume UNSUNG and the second volume UNSUNG-Extraordinary Lives, celebrated the stories of real heroes of India, people who have contributed to society against odds. This multi (mixed) media exhibition, curated by Mahesh Bhat and Dinesh Khanna and produced by the work of five extraordinarily talented women photographers lens based artists – Aparna Mohindra, Deepti Asthana, Karen Dias, Neeraja Rao and Sharmistha Dutta will tell the stories of the unseen lives, places and philosophies that inhabit the liminal boundaries between worlds.

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