The word “ENAMEL” refers to glass material, as well as to the finished product. Vitreous Enamel is glass bonded by fusion to a metal surface. Enamel (glass) is crushed to a powder somewhat finer than granulated sugar & somewhat coarser than flour. This powder is applied, by one of the several methods, to the metal surface. Next, the 0 0 article is heated to 750 C to 850 C, either in a preheated furnace or torch firing. The powder melts & then hardens to a smooth, durable vitreous coating on metal. The fired enamelled ware is a fully laminated composite of glass and metal. Enamelling is an old & widely adopted technique, for most of its history mainly used in jewellery & decorative arts.This workshop will focus on using jewellery enamel colours on copper or precoated steel surface. The enamel colour application & its firing strategies and creating patterns on metal surface. During the workshop, the participant will make one Pendent sized 1.5 inch diameter circle of Copper or Precoated steel. The participant can experience their own art work with Kiln Firing or Gas Torch Firing.

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