Cultural Centre


Over the past five years, Serendipity Arts Festival has built up a critical mass and has become an annual event of international scale. Providing a permanent structure to foster our initiatives to enrich arts consciousness is a key mandate and we take this opportunity to interrogate the very form and principles of cultural sites to arrive towards a space that is dynamic, can assimilate and preserve the heritage of the region, whilst exploring new horizons.

The cultural centre – Live Museum would be a space that would support interactions between
practitioners and audiences, with the arts and with each other in an immersive environment that seeks to create discursive opportunities, promote the exchange of ideas and inspire both practitioners and visitors to access and engage with the arts on a greater level.

We select the conceptual framework of the Live Museum purposefully. Unlike a traditional museum, it will not just house art objects, but become a home for the artistic processes that simultaneously expand and renew our engagement with multiple histories, present(s) and future(s). A layering between artistic practices from history and as well as experimentation that will define the future of the arts would be the nucleus. It is also termed “Live” because along with the traditional idea of the museum, the spaces would be designed to promote creativity, education, residencies, cultural artistic exchanges and represent a quasi-informal university that supports the arts ecosystem, whilst finding ways for creating sustainable practices for arts from all genres.

elements of the centre

The planning and the programming of the cultural centre is based on three main areas of learning.

Education & Research

Formal education
SAF Publishing
Workshops & Courses
Mentorships and Interships
Writing & Research

Experience & Seeing

Black Box
Library + Archives
Culinary experiences
Experiential projects

Innovation & Incubation

Workshop areas
Incubation centre
Residential spaces
Experimental spaces
Labs and workshops
Material Library