B-Side | Music Production Residency 

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Key information

Dates: 10th to 20th October 2023
Venue: Goa
Facilitated by Jay Pei 
Deadline: 06th September 2023


B-side is an initiative by Serendipity Arts centred around independent music and cultural currents stemming from contemporary music practices. The programme strives to spark conversations around music production, DJ-ing, research, performances, educational modules, and collaborative sonic explorations focussed on emerging acts across South Asia.
This program is an intensive residencyformat retreat which lays heavy emphasis on practical know-how, enabling participants to navigate their way around music production using Ableton Live. The program shall provide participants with a solid foundation in music production techniques and concepts. By the end of the course, the participants will have gained the necessary skills and knowledge to create their own musical compositions, drawing upon technical aspects of recording and mixing, and to develop their own creative approach to music making.

This residency welcomes applications from individuals across skill levels, who are 18 years of age and above. Beginners with no background in music production are also encouraged to apply. 8 participants will be chosen from the pool.


Jay Pei, a virtuosic producer, composer, DJ and educator hailing from the bustling metropolis of New Delhi, has forged a singular sound that has enraptured audiences throughout the nation. Anchored in the rhythmic foundations of dance music, Jay’s music is infused with the essence of cinema, art, and idiosyncratic storytelling, resulting in a multi-dimensional experience that transcends the traditional confines of electronic music. Though his methods have often been perceived as unorthodox and at odds with the mainstream, Jay’s audacious approach has, in fact, allowed him to unearth and explore his distinctive voice. His unconventional techniques, ranging from intricate sound design to unconventional arrangements, have enabled him to leave an indelible imprint on the electronic music landscape. As an educator, Jay Pei has taught music production at the prestigious IIT Hyderabad and Global Music Institute. He was certified by Ableton in 2020.


Session 1: Introduction to Ableton Live
Session 2: Working with Audio Clips
Session 3: MIDI Basics and Virtual Instruments
Session 4: Using Ableton Live’s Effects
Session 5: Advanced MIDI Techniques
Session 6: Arranging and Structuring a Composition
Session 7: Mixing and Audio Processing
Session 8: Automation and Modulation
Session 9: Advanced Ableton Live Techniques
Session 10: Work-in-Progress presentation and Wrap-up


  1. Is there an age eligibility for the residency?
    Yes, applicants must be 18 years or above.


  2. What are the dates for the residency?
    The residency will be held between 10th October to 20th October 2023.


  3. Do I have to be a Musician/Producer to apply for the residency?
    No, the residency is  open to individuals of all skill levels, including beginners with no background in music production.


  4. Are there any pre-requisites for the residency?
    You’ll be required have a laptop with 8GB RAM and headphones.


  5. Is the Residency open to only Indian Citizens?
    No, the residency is open to all residing in India and have an Indian Bank Account.


  6. Where is the residency going to be held?
    The B-side residency will be held in Goa. Exact venue shall be shared after selection.


  7. How many participants will be selected?
    8 participants will be selected for the residency by a Jury.


  8. Would I have a place to stay?
    Yes, all the participants will be provided with shared accommodation, along with all meals.


  9. What does the schedule of the residency look like?
    Sessions will be scheduled through the 10day residency, and would include lectures, practical sessions, artist presentations, and demonstrations leading to a showcase towards the end of the residency.


  10. Will my travel to the venue be covered?
    No, you have to cover costs for travel to and back from Goa.


  11. What level of music production will the residency be catering to?
    The modules shall cater to a beginner-intermediate level of music production.


  12. What DAW would be required for the Programme?
    Ableton Live would be used throughout the residency.