Performance Art Documentation Grant 19-20



The Serendipity Arts Foundation Performance Art Documentation Grant offered up to 1 art professional or arts collective financial support to document a work of performance art. The work to be documented needs to be a new piece (previously not showcased) for performance in a non-proscenium, public space, which is also site-specific and non-scripted.


Sahej Rehal, Sajan Mani and Zuleikha Chaudhari


 The genesis of Sridhar Balasubramaniam’s process was his fascination with the theatre and body. He started engaging with bodies, their form and movement in theatre during his stint at ‘Manalmagudi theatre land’ (contemporary theatre). Here they create theatre based on indigenous folklore. Through this process, Sridhar developed an interest for Dravidian rituals and started traveling across Tamil Nadu, photographing folk ceremonies, performances, tribal weddings and funerals. During which he was drawn to looking at the relationship between the people and the land. 

His current research areas involve the relationship of bodyscapes with it’s landscapes and the tribals’ harmony with nature.

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