Yesterday by Beatles – Yadu, Executive – Production and the human to adorable cats, recommends this song as, “it takes me back to the time which has gone, when the days were good. Maybe at this point of time, everyone needs to remember how good small things like meeting other people and spending time with them are. One can only realize how good and essential an ordinary thing can be once it’s truly gone.”

Maanit, our resident fitness expert, recommends Karmaprana by Fakear, as “it’s about karma and prana (the flow of energy in the body by breathing). In this situation I believe by doing nothing or by consciously breathing we’ll be doing good for ourselves and the people around us. It’s time to breathe…”

Purna, who straddles dance, photography and design with humour, recommends the original motion picture score for Like Crazy, which is describes as “a warm hug. I listen to this score every day to center myself, gain some introspective, and lock the rest of the world away.”

Nandita, who is basically a Bono groupie, recommends All I Want is You, Rattle and Hum (1988), U2 – In her words, this is “An intense, epic love poem of a song that takes my breath away each time. Dynamite vocals by Bono and a swelling string arrangement which will make you cry happy tears and believe in everlasting love. This entire album is solid gold. Listen. Listen again. And then repeat.”

Shayanika suggests a blend of reverie and magic with Let’s Dance by David Bowie. She says, Some songs speak of love while some make you dance. Some others can make you feel nostalgic and be timeless at the same time. One such song that fits all is this, a classic Bowie, interpreted by many and loved by all.” 

Arushi suggests Do Naina Aur Ek Kahani // Masoom – Composed by RD Burman and sung by Aarti Mukherjee, this song takes me back to my childhood, to the ethereal beauty of Shabana Azmi, the difficult moral choices in Masoom, and of course, the poetry of Gulzar.

Sana, who brings sunshine and joy to all our meetings, suggests a classic Coke Studio session—a dash of soulful melody in melancholia.

We miss seeing Pooja’s sweet smile at work every day, and so we make up for it by listening to her recommendation, the ultimate ode to lady love: Sagar Jaisi Aankhon Waali.

Sabina, old school and enviably well-versed with classics, suggests Eddie Vedder! Eddie! Vedder! Trust Sabina to find a Vedder to beat all other. She says “One of my all-time favourite Vocalists. While all the songs in this album (debut solo album of Eddie Vedder) are great, this is a song that speaks to me and is a go-to song every now and then.” 

Prajit, sends his recommendation all the way from Maximum City, a ghazal to soothe the forlorn heart, sung in Lata ji’s incomparable voice, composed by the legend Madan Mohan. Prajit says, “This beautiful Gazal composition of Madan Mohan Sahab – sung by Lata ji intersperses a  fine piece of sitar playing by legendary Ustad Raees Ahmed. The soulful lyrics by Naqsh Layallpuri can get you deeply involved with the song.”