“Folios of Time” is the festival curator Jayachandran Palazhy’s theme for contemporary somatic expressions at the Serendipity Arts Festival 2024. 

The world is at the cusp of epochal change, and individuals and communities are facing multiple challenges on various fronts –  the environment, climate emergencies, wars, migration, displacements, existential dilemmas, gender issues, and many more. Hence, it becomes ever more important to find empathetic somatic expressions to reflect this reality. While recognizing the difficulties humanity faces today, any attempt to offer hope for individuals in building inclusive communities where diversity, tolerance, care for the environment, and sustainable practices are nurtured, needs to be celebrated. The contemporary dance strand of the festival will present the pulse of our time from multiple vantage points and perspectives through the works of choreographers from diverse backgrounds.

We seek proposals from emerging choreographers who wish to work on any aspect of contemporary life and have developed an outline of their proposed dance work. The chosen choreographers will be invited for an intense choreography residency in Bangalore from 3 to 14 December 2024 mentored by two acclaimed Italian artists – choreographer Damiano Ottavio Bigi and dramaturge Alessandra Paoletti, and will get a chance to interact with the renowned Japanese digital artist Kunihiko Matsuo.




10th August, 2024

Residency Dates

3 – 14 December 2024

Tentative Performance Dates

14 Dec – Bangalore – 1 w-i-p performance

16 Dec – Goa – 2 performances


Applicant must:

  • be a resident of India
  • be between 20 – 40 years old
  • have had some choreographic experience

How to apply

Interested choreographers can apply with:

  • sample video of your proposed work
  • a concept note
  • brief bio
  • any specific tech and production requirement you may have

Please note the concept of the W-I-P must be centered on the theme of ‘Folios of Time’, as mentioned in the background above.


The selected participants will receive up to 69,000 Rupees to cover their honorarium, per diems, travel, and specific technical/production needs beyond the general provisions by SAF. While SAF provides overall technical and production support for the residency and the “Folios of Time” performance, any extra technical/production costs specific to your piece must be covered from your total grant.

Partners/ Supported by

FABBRICA EUROPA, IIC Mumbai, CG of Italy Bangalore.


Damiano Ottavio Bigi

Damiano Ottavio Bigi is an Italian choreographer, dancer, and performer. From the Rome Opera to Dimitris Papaioannou’s company, passing through several companies (CNDC d’Angers e il CCN di Nantes) before becoming a member of the Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch (2005), where he still works as a guest artist. In 2010 he participated in the film PINA by W. Wenders. The encounters of his career led him to confront different experiences and visions, enriching his world and inspiring his path.

In 2016 he was awarded the “Premio Capri Danza International” and in 2020 the “Premio Sfera d’Oro per la Danza”.

Alessandra Paoletti

Alessandra Paoletti is an Italian actress and director active in the field of research theatre and contemporary dance. Graduated from the National Academy of Drama “Silvio D’Amico”, as an interpreter and as a director/choreographer moves through different languages and visions. Among the most significant encounters and collaborations of her artistic career are those with A. Knapp, J.A.Stanzak, T.Ostermeier, J.Muller/Fura dels Baus, J. Sanchis Sinisterra, R.Garcia, and L.De Bei, winning with the latter “Le Maschere del Teatro Prize” and the “Golden Graal Award”. She has long collaborated with the Istanbul Municipal Theatre as a foreign director.

Residency structure

The residents will get 4 hours of studio time every day, accommodation, and per diems. You will have contact sessions with your mentors, and also an opportunity to interact and work with the renowned Japanese digital artist Kunijiko Matsuo. This residency will allow you to develop your proposed work under the mentoring of Damiano and Alessandra and explore possibilities of incorporating digital elements.

Expected Outcome at SAF

20 minutes of finished work based on the originally submitted concept note. The finalized works will be presented twice at the prestigious Serendipity Arts Festival on the 16th of December 2024.

Serendipity Arts Foundation will provide

  • Accommodation and per diems for the residency duration i.e. 3-14th Dec.
  • Travel from Bangalore-Goa (1 way cost covered)
  • On-ground transport in Goa
  • Overall technical and production support for the residency and the festival specific to the project.
  • Studio hours

Selected Participants will provide

  • Travel to Bangalore from their respective cities
  • Travel from Goa to their respective cities
  • The amount paid by SAF is inclusive of honorarium, per diems, production costs, and local travel costs in Bangalore. You will need to submit a tentative budget to the festival on how you plan to use the funds.
  • Pre-production for the piece including (but not limited to) props and costumes will be taken care of by the artist from the amount given.
  • Any expenses outside of their rehearsals, accommodation, and performances.


Q1. May I apply with a work-in-progress project?
A1. Yes, you may apply with a work-in-progress project or a new project that you would like to complete before the festival.

Q2. I do not have a portfolio. What else can I share?
A2. You may share a set of samples of your work. 

Q3. May I bring collaborators on-board?
A3. Yes, however their fee would have to be covered by the applicant.

Q4. May I propose a physical installation instead of images/photographs?
A4. Yes.