Open Call: Mercado (Market) at Serendipity Arts Festival 2024


Are you a Goa-based artisan or entrepreneur with unique products to share? Be part of the vibrant Mercado at Serendipity Arts Festival in Goa from December 15-22, 2024! Showcase your creations, connect with a diverse audience, and boost your brand’s visibility in an exciting, artistic environment.

The marketplace offers a platform for showcasing and selling eco-friendly, handcrafted products, and innovative designs. Gain exposure to a diverse audience, connect with creative professionals, and benefit from extensive marketing.

what is mercado (market)?

Mercado is a curated space withing Serendipity Arts Festival dedicated to artisans, designers, and vendors. Visitors can discover and purchase unique products ranging from handcrafted jewellery, clothing, and accessories to gourmet food items, home decor, and much more.

How to apply ?

Interested vendors are invited to submit their applications by 10th August
Please include the following information: 
  • A brief description of your products
  • High-quality images of your products
  • Your business name and contact details
  • Any previous market or festival experience

Serendipity Arts Foundation will provide: 

As a standard, each participant will be equipped with:

  • A 6×6 ft stall space
  • 1 table
  • 2 chairs
  • 1 table fan
  • 1 dustbin
  • 1 easel

Additionally, participants will have the option to choose between a clothing rail or a shelf, depending on the nature of their products. This flexibility allows vendors to optimize their display space according to their specific needs.

Selected Participants will provide:

  • A fee of 15,000 INR per day for 8 days (taxes extra), totalling 120,000 INR for the entire duration of the festival.
  • This fee secures the 6×6 ft space within the Mercado area at the art park.
  • Participants are responsible for their own stall decoration, ensuring their space reflects their brand and products effectively.
  • Transportation of products to and from the venue is the responsibility of the participant.
  • Participants must arrange for secure storage of their products during non-operational hours.
  • Lodging and boarding in Goa for the duration of the event must be arranged and funded by the participants themselves.
  • Any additional furniture requirements beyond the standard provided items will incur extra charges.
  • If participants require volunteer assistance, this will also be subject to additional fees.

Important considerations for participants:

  1. Space Utilization: The 6×6 ft stall space offers ample room for creative displays. Participants should plan their layout carefully to maximize visibility and accessibility of their products.
  2. Branding: While decorating their stalls, participants should focus on creating a cohesive brand image that aligns with their products and attracts potential customers.
  3. Logistics: Given that participants are responsible for transportation and storage, they should consider efficient packing methods and potentially collaborate with local logistics providers in Goa.
  4. Budgeting: Participants should factor in all costs, including the daily fee, decoration, transportation, accommodation, and any additional services they might need.
  5. Staffing: Decide whether to manage the stall personally or hire local help, considering the additional costs involved.
  6. Product Mix: Carefully curate the products to be displayed, ensuring a diverse yet cohesive range that appeals to the festival’s audience.
  7. Local Regulations: Familiarize themselves with any local regulations or restrictions regarding product sales in Goa.

Terms and conditions

  • Applicants must be a person of Indian origin residing in India.
  • Applicant must hold an Indian bank account.

Required documents

Completed application form, which will include the following:

  • GST Certificate
  • Registered company/shop ID Proof like Pan card


Q1. May I apply with a work-in-progress project?
A1. Yes, you may apply with a work-in-progress project or a new project that you would like to complete before the festival.

Q2. I do not have a portfolio. What else can I share?
A2. You may share a set of samples of your work. 

Q3. May I bring collaborators on-board?
A3. Yes, however their fee would have to be covered by the applicant.

Q4. May I propose a physical installation instead of images/photographs?
A4. Yes.