Cinema 340 was initiated in March 2018, and revolved around the basic notion of films-about-films. The primary fascination of such cinema has often revolved around mythologies of the director. At Cinema340 2018, SAF was interested in not only focusing on the established notion of the filmmaker-as-creator, but also in exploring the creation of a cinematic moment and the role that audiences, economies, landscapes, and spaces have had in shaping the culture of film in South Asia and the world. SAF was eager to uncover, for small, intimate gatherings every Friday, conversations around how cinema might have been influenced by the city, how the attributes of cinema spaces themselves have created specific viewing cultures, or how models of distribution have shaped access to film. Each film was selected by a facilitator who contextualised the work and created a platform for discussion.

Posters and social media posts created for Cinema 340

Screening & Discussion

Supermen of Malegaon
Director : Faiza Ahmad Khan
Language : Hindi
Duration : 1 hr 6 mins.

Multiple Visions (The Crazy Machine) 
Director : Emilio Maille
Language : Multiple languages
Duration : 1 hr 36 mins
Post screening discussion with Babu Eshwar Prasad 

Miss Lovely
Director : Ashim Ahluwalia
Language : Hindi
Duration : 1 hr 50 mins
Post screening discussion with Ranjani Mazumdar 

Finding Vivian Maier
Director : John Maloof and Charlie Siskel
Language : English, French
Duration : 1hr  23 min
Post screening discussion with Sabeena Gadihoke