24 March 2018
Authors: Lukas Birk & Sean Foley
Published by: PIX Publishing/Mapin


Photo Pesahwar (PIX Publishing/Mapin) was launched at C 340 on Saturday 24 March 2018, with a conversation between one of the authors, Lukas Birk, and photographer and curator, Ram Rahman.

Photo Peshawar explores the culture of photography in the Pakistani frontier city of Peshawar from the 1940s to the present day.

About the Authors

Lukas Birk is an Austrian artist who exhibits regularly and organises visual-media workshops. He has set up artist-in-residency programs in China and Indonesia and organised networks of local artists to co-operate with those in his native Austria.

Sean Foley is an ethnographer from Ireland specialising in visual anthropology. He works as a researcher on art projects and has made ethnographic films on mortuary workers in India and tourism in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Lukas and Sean first collaborated by researching tourism in Afghanistan between 2005-2007. This collaboration resulted in the book and exhibition Kafkanistan.

Book launch invitation and images from the conversation between Lukas Birk & Ram Rahman.