THE STORYTELLERS: A Course Exploring Zines, Comics and Video


 This intensive programme marked the second edition of Serendipity Arts Foundation’s collaboration with the Foundation for Indian Contemporary Art (FICA). It engaged with art practices that have histories of working outside the confines of the art gallery or related sanctioned ‘white cube’ spaces, seeking more direct and immediate contact with their audiences. Of particular interest were the ways artists are re-addressing and exploring the richness of audio-visual and graphic story as a self-sustained practice.

The second edition of this course was directed at giving students an insight into how artists turn to the city as a studio, mining various resources, and forming their own support structures. Each class was designed around the practice of the artist/filmmaker who conducted the session and provided triggers to young practitioners to experiment.  The emphasis through all the modules remained on exercises and explorations carried out by the participants.

The objective of this course was not just to explore the technical skills devised by the respective mentors/artists, but also to create an immersive environment of learning and peer sharing, and engage with the larger conceptual questions these practices throw up.


Himanshu Shetty, Sajad Malik and Sameera Jain

Images courtesy FICA 

Course Facilitator

Lokesh Khodke 

Participating Artists

Akshay Sethi, Tilothama Bhowmick, Khandakar Ohida, Priyesh Gothwal, Ankit Ravani, Yogesh Ramkrishna, Zeel Sanghvi, Maya Janine, Pavithra R, Rahul Kamalasan, Rohit Kumar, Sana Bansal, Vikrant Kano and Tahsin Akhtar