Boundary Conditions



Boundary Conditions looks at igniting an experience that is created by placing moving bodies in and against an architectural space. The aim is to capture the variety of episodes/phases/ stages the palace has been through over the course of time. Both the artists, i.e. the dancers and the sound designers, are looking at ways to manifest the essence of the building and the people who occupied it over time. Finding historical turning points and the role that the building has played in different movement as a witness. This is the guide for a quest to create moments of performance, inspired by the ideologies, political philosophy and roles that the building has accommodated in some form, still withstanding the test of times. The idea is to imagine a meeting of all this information a movement expression framework.

Images courtesy Lumiere Project


Curated by Ranjana Dave Choreography Deepak Kurki Shivaswamy Performers Deepak Kurki Shivaswamy and Manju Sharma Music Abhijeet Tambe and Rahul Ranganath Scale Medium Year of Commission 2018

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