Once Upon A Time



A choreographed performance blending multiple art forms of movement, dialogue, music, puppetry, illustration, and the performance tradition of Yakshagana—Once Upon a Time is a transformative experience, where dance artistes are supported by collaborators to narrate three familiar fairytales in an unfamiliar format—”Alice in Wonderland”, “Pinocchio,” and “Beauty and the Beast.”

Images courtesy Lumiere Project


Curated by Mayuri Upadhya, Scenography by Sumant Jayakrishnan, Produced by Serendipity Arts Foundation, Light Design by Pushan Kripalani


Choreography by Preethi Bharadwaj, Performed by Preethi Bharadwaj, Rohit Bhasi, Collaborator & Illustrated by Rohit Bhasi, Story by Lewis Carroll, Music by Hriday Goswami, Script by Vedarun Rajkumar, Property Designed by Nishanth Aravindakshan Costume Design by Shakthi Rai and Kushbu Manto, Recorded, mixed & mastered by Pranava Studios, Bangalore, Voice over by Varsha Samtania, Siddhanth Chandrashekar


Performed by Shruti Suresh (Belle), Karthik Kudekallu (Prince and the Villager), Priyanka K Mohan (Beast), Narration by Shreya Deshpande, Sharat R Prabhath, Shruti Suresh, Music compilation & assistance by Sharat R Prabhath, Costume Design by Aloka D’souza and Nidhi Chauhan, Script & mentoring by Shashank Lakshmipathy, Concept & choreography by Shruti Suresh


Devised & performed by Pia Bunglowala, Collaborator, maker & puppeteering by Gagan Kumar, Dramaturgy by Nisha Abdulla, Sound Design by Nikhil Nagaraj, Costume Design by Sneha & Sukhleen, SPECIAL THANKS TO Dhurii (for rehearsal space)

 Scale Medium, Year of Commission 2019

All 2019 Grants