Project By Bhagyashree Patwardhan

The Mercado at Serendipity Arts Festival is a curated marketplace showcasing small businesses originating from Goa, each of which have a strong belief system in sustianable practices. Over the last several years, Goa has developed as an incubator for entrepreneurs with a mindful and slow approach to life, work and products. These dreamers have built lovely and simple concepts that allow for enriching engagement. The Mercado is designed for you to engage with these small brands, listen to their stories and immerse yourself in the experiences they create. From specially developed clay for pizza pans and ovens, to hand painted ceramics, small batch shirts and local produce to handmade books, beauty secrets based in Ayurveda to a self help group working with local women to make affordable cloth shopping bags, you can experience it all. Mercado will be a slow experience to be explored at an unhurried pace built for a lasting memory.

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