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How To Series 

As we enter the 55th day of lockdown with restrictions easing in some places, perhaps the only thing which hasn’t changed in the last 8 weeks is a sense of uncertainty. There are days of worry, and days of hope. Through it all, we have been lucky to remain connected with our family, friends, colleagues, and the outside world through an increasingly important tool – the Internet. Our lives have taken on new forms, new routines, new ways of interacting, learning, reading, and being. How will we move forward? This question looms large on all of our minds. At Serendipity, we remain committed to keep the conversation around the arts going, and over the next month, are very pleased to bring to you a How To Series as we re-visit past projects, ponder over our present lives, and think big with future dreams in a series of newsletters and online conversations ranging from scenography to sound, storytelling to reading, performance to technology and so much more in between.

How to Hang
How to Listen
How to Tell
How to Read
How to Gear Up