Bhuta Brass

Rajesh T. Acharya

Coming from a traditional Vishwakarma family, Acharya received his early training in metal craft from his father,  the master craftsperson Shri.T.Raghavachari. He continued his training at the Regional Design and Technical Development Centre, Bangalore and later honed his expertise in Swamimalai under the eminent bronze sculptor, Shri. A. Govindasami Sthapathiyar. Shri. Appukuttan Achari guided him in creating museum quality metal work, bronze icons and ‘bhuta’ masks. His prolific range of Gods and Goddesses is imbued with a sense of movement, evocative facial expressions and nuanced detailing. Rajesh Acharya’s works are part of private collections, temples and museums across the country and the world. He is the recipient of the Kamaladevi Chattopadhyay Viswakarma Award for Excellence in Metal Craft presented by the Crafts Council of Karnataka in 2005.


Objects on display

Double Breast Plate
Jumadi – Bhuta Mask
Boar Standing – Bhuta Mask
Panjurli Boar Standing – Bhuta Mask
Narsimha – Bhuta Mask
Panjurli with Rider
Standing Lady
Miniature Figurines