We at Serendipity Arts would like to thank the Government of Goa for this wonderful opportunity to share a glimpse of India’s craft traditions with delegates from all across the world at the G20 meetings. Through this display, we hope to highlight the many ways in which arts & culture can shape the histories and trajectories of a subcontinent.

We are also deeply grateful to all the Craft curators and researchers who have worked with us over the years in various capacities. Much of our commitment to nurturing and platforming the diverse craft cultures of India has been shaped and bolstered by their constant support:

Anjana Somany
Ayush Kasliwal
Chandrika Grover
Jyotindra Jain
Jutta Jain-Neubauer
Kristine Michael
Laila Tyabji
Manjari Narula
Pramod Kumar KG
Rashmi Varma

And finally, we extend our gratitude and admiration to all the talented craftspeople and designers who have worked tirelessly to sustain and revive India’s various craft traditions and practices. It is because of their devotion that we now have a legacy to share with the world:

Ahsan Ali
Akber Khan
Bhuvnesh Prasad
Dinesh Chandra Kumhar
‘Furgonomics’ by Untitled Design
Iqbal Ahmed
Jai Shri Prakash
Mohammed Ghoush
Mohan Kumar Verma
Om Prakash Galav
Oorja Designs LLP
Priyanka Narula
Ram Soni
Rajesh T. Acharya
Shankar Vishwakarma
Sukumar Gudigar