Company School Lightboxes

The term “Company School” denotes the group of paintings, sketches, drawings and behind-glass paintings that were produced during the 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries for a European and mostly British clientele, usually by indigenous artists and artisans Know More

Bhuta Brass

Coming from a traditional Vishwakarma family, Acharya received his early training in metal craft from his father, the master craftsperson Shri.T.Raghavachari. He continued his training at the Regional Design and Technical Development Centre Know More

Bhuta Wood

In South Kannada district, especially in the Tulunadu region, there exists a living cult of Bhuta worship (bhutaradhane). This community crafts multichrome sculptures of male and female ancestors, Bhuta spirits and deities, carved from solid blocks Know More

Bastar Iron Jaali- The Iron Craft of Chhattisgarh

This iron craft is largely practised in the tribal belt extending from Eastern to Central India. The metalsmiths belong to nomadic, usually tribal communities, from Jharkhand, Bihar, West Bengal, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha, Telangana, and of course Know More

Sarguja - Clay Relief Panel

Sundaribai, the creator of several masterpieces in clay relief work and mud architecture, was born in Puhputra village of the Sarguja district of Chhattisgarh in a family of Rajwar farmers. Usually it is terracotta crafts that have been practised Know More

Fresco Totems

These pillars are a contemporary and a renewed form of limewash techniques and fresco work. The shape is inspired by the Hampi ruins and columns from Kerala. Finished partly in various shades of lime wash, they are embellished with frescoes Know More

Sanjhi Paper Work

Mohan Kumar Verma is a craftsman from Mathura, whose 35 years of experience in the art of Sanjhi is evident in his intricate, layered designs. He is the son of Shri Chain Shuk Das Verma, a master craftsman in the art of Sanjhi, in whose time, the form Know More

Kunbi Textiles

The Kunbi textile is named after one of the oldest indigenous communities of Goa. These sarees, chequered and prominently dyed in various shades of red, were originally worn by Kunbi and Gawda women who were paddy field workers Know More

Shell Craft of Goa

The seashell craft form of Goa, that makes use of shells shed by marine animals to create various souvenirs and utility objects for tourists and locals, dates back to the era of Portuguese occupation. Talented artisans, craftspeople, and sculptors Know More

Cane Craft

One of the oldest arts practised in Goa is bamboo and crane craft, introduced and developed by artisans from the Mahad community who produced items for fishermen and farmers. Some of the items produced are baskets, lightweight furniture, and lights Know More

Theyyam Heads

These intricately painted teak wood heads depict one of the many styles of elaborate facial makeup that form an integral part of traditional Theyyam dance performances in Kerala. Theyyam is a socio-religious performance and form of ritual worship Know More

Miniature Paintings

Conversant with the peculiarities of various painting styles, Padma Shri Jai Prakash has discovered and revived the practice of using mineral colours and beetle wings. Far from copying the traditional style, he has successfully used the techniques and ethos Know More

Miniature Sculptures - Bastar Iron

Shankar Vishwakarma, a master craftsman, makes wrought iron artworks such as the Madiya khamba and animal figurines of elephants, deer and horses. This iron craft is largely practised in the tribal belt extending from Eastern to Central India Know More

Molela Plaques

A community of renowned potters from Molela in Rajasthan yielded some of the first craftsmen who began to explore themes other than religious iconography, in their work, using traditional techniques. They produced unique murals involving relief Know More

Sanjhi Screens - Mughal Jaali

This Mughal jaali has been made by artisan Ram Soni who practises the Sanjhi craft form, which originates in Mathura. With over forty in-house craftsmen, the Kumars–a traditional family of Sanjhi craftsmen–have been travelling extensively across the country Know More

Terracotta Pottery (Glazed)

This terracotta handi is the handiwork of craftsman Bhuvnesh Prasad, renowned for making large terracotta vessels, vases, and pots. These beautifully symmetrical objects are fired in a wood-fired kiln on the premises, where either a pure firing Know More

Terracotta Pottery (Unglazed)

This terracotta pot has been crafted by Om Prakash Galav, an artisan hailing from Rajasthan who has inherited his practice and knowledge of the craft from his family. He was taught the basics of pottery-making by his father, Shri Fateh Ram Prajapat Know More

Gaia - Pillars of Light

These pillars have been handcrafted from handmade banana fibre paper and lantana. Banana plants have a short life cycle with each tree living only as long as it can produce fruit but regenerate with the new plants that sprout. Banana fibre Know More

The Anthropomorphic Totems

These items that ensure zero-wastage craft practice, use three types of yields procured manually from the cane plant – the solid reed that provides strength to the structure, the gaba and the taar, both used for warp and weft, with the gaba more specifically Know More

Sikki Grass Screen

Sikki grass crafts are various handicrafts that are made from a special kind of grass known as sikki found in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. This piece has been contributed by the contemporary design collective, Jiyo! The art of making items from sikki grass Know More

Wooden Puppets

These wooden puppets are from Andhra Pradesh. The range of wooden crafted products in Chittoor consists of idols, carved wooden furniture, wooden panels and simply fashioned articles such as combs and white wood bird figures. Raw material Know More

Pacchik Kari Marble Inlay Work of Agra

These works have been made by Shilp Guru Iqbal Ahmed, a National Award-winning practitioner of the Pacchik Kari craft form of Agra,. Since the time of Shah Jahan, Agra has remained a thriving centre for marble works. The marble is obtained from Makrana Know More