Pacchik Kari Marble Inlay Work of Agra

Iqbal Ahmed

These works have been made by Shilp Guru Iqbal Ahmed, a National Award-winning practitioner of the Pacchik Kari craft form of Agra,. Since the time of Shah Jahan, Agra has remained a thriving centre for marble works. The marble is obtained from Makrana and the semi-precious stones come from all over the world. Today the artisans of this tradition fashion vases, coasters, table tops, boxes, plates and trays, models of the Taj Mahal, lamp bases, flooring, fountains, chairs, water basins, chess sets and hookah stands. Ahmed, hailing from Nai ki Mandi in Agra,  started learning the form from his father Hafiz Ahmed, a descendant of the marble inlay experts who worked on the Taj Mahal.

Objects on display

Hexagon box with blue flowers
Marble inlay Jewellery box with 4 flowers 
Marble inlay Jewellery box with 2 flowers (2)
Rectangular green tray 
Big circular tray with blue flowers
Small carved circular tray with orange flowers