Sikki Grass Screen

Sikki grass crafts are various handicrafts that are made from a special kind of grass known as sikki found in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. This piece has been contributed by the contemporary design collective, Jiyo! The art of making items from sikki grass has a long and rich history in Bihar. Tharu women in the southern plains of Nepal, have been weaving traditional baskets from sikki grass for centuries.  Nowadays, many Tharu women are engaged in producing sikki handicrafts through collaborative networks. Sikki is dried and the flower head is cut off. The resulting fine golden fibre is used in weaving to make toys, dolls, and baskets (dolchi). The products are sometimes painted. Boxes made of sikki are given to daughters by parents on the occasion of their wedding. The boxes are used to hold sindoor, ornaments, and jewellery.