Mondays Are Best for Flying out of Windows



The play is an approach to Russian writer Daniil Kharms’ work from a state of complete unknowing. A piece of text, a thought, an idea or an image triggered off explorations, representing a collective response to Kharms and his work, conceived in a true spirit of collaboration. 

Images courtesy Lumiere Project


Curated by Atul Kumar, Directed by Rajiv Krishnan, Created by Iswar Lalitha, Rency Philip, Sachin Gurjale, Vijay Ravikumar and Vinod Ravindran, Music Composed and Performed by Abhaydev Praful, Translation by Jonathan Walton, Photography by Richa Bhavanam, Costumes by Kaveri Lalchand, Puppets and Props Created by the Cast, Set and Light Design by Kalpana Balaji and
John V. Mathew, Production Management by Anushka Meenakshi.

All 2019 Grants