Walk Back to Look



Walk Back to Look is a gentle provocation to passer-bys to wait and stare at mundane things, taking a moment to breathe before jumping on a bus or haggling with a flower-seller. Maybe we will stop to hear the spunky fisherwomen in the market, or  a vendor incessantly talking of  a faraway home. Everyday stories of people who inhabit these spaces maybe be revealed when we walk back.

The performance centres around stillness, walking and listening. Stillness, when the site is frenzied and hurried. And a lively playfulness during a lull. The performers will infuse fresh intensity by creating a contrasting tempo with their bodies. Simultaneously these bodies will reveal fragile dreams and imaginations that go unspoken in crowded, public spaces. A performance with minimal dialogue, the only words might be the hand written notes and placards. These illustrated notes/placards carry playful, spirited messages to engage with the large & fleeting audience- the common man walking on the street, or the commuters at a bus stop or shoppers at the market.

Images courtesy Lumiere Project


Curated by Atul Kumar, Conceived & Directed by Anuja Ghosalkar, Special thanks Kala Academy, Panjim, Goa, Performed by Students of Kala Academy (Drama & Music Department) Rochelle Patil, Kasturi Karkare, Saanvi Naikgaonkar, Nikansha Naik, Akanksha Deshpande, Sairaj Naik, Keshav Rao Rane, Runal Kolkankar, Narottam Chari, Aniket Nangare, Varsha Ashvekar, Sai Kalangutkar, Siddesh Parab, Vedang Gaude, Rajratna Kaushalya, Padma Bhat, Rushikesh Sawant, Amol Prabhugaonkar, Aisha Menezes, Samiksha Sawant, Valentine Sequeira, Vaibhav Naik, Atharva Kubal Documentation by Shawn Sebastian

All 2019 Grants