On a Different Note



On a Different Note is imagined as an immersive theatrical experience through the sound of music. 

We invite the audience to join us and let the power of the human voice move us both emotionally and physically as we travel through time and space. The project aims to traverse a sensorial landscape of sound that has been transported from its original context—a personal journey through five rooms; an intimate encounter with sound, music and silence. 

Images courtesy Lumiere Project


Curated by Atul Kumar, Directed by Nimi Ravindran and Vinod Ravindran, Music directed by Maria Meireles and Parvesh Java, Singers Aileen Carneiro, Arléne Coelho do Amaral, Elaine da Costa, Gabriella Naomi de Souza, Gaurangi, Inica Celeste Fernandes, Karen Fernandes, Kate D’Souza, Kim Ann Costa, Priyanka Diniz, Runa Távora Aggarwal,Sarah Caroline D’Souza, Shallu, Sheena Helen Pereira, Svetlana Pinto, Tabitha de Melo, Viveka de Melo e Granjo, Musicians Eshvita Menezes, Jasiel Peter, Joy Peter, Dancer Keya D’Souza, Lighting designer Jenny Pinto, Production manager Charulatha Dasappa, Miniature Set Design Rency Philip, Picture credits Richa Bhavanam.


All 2019 Grants