A Doubtful Gaze at Uber at Midnight



Saket, a self-proclaimed ‘anti-national’ has called an Uber to reach home at midnight. Saket gives directions to the Uber driver, but the driver is understanding what he is saying. Meanwhile, Suna, a self-proclaimed ‘urban Naxal’ is caught watching pornography at Saket’s house, and the Narcotics Department has discovered the marijuana plants at Saket’s house. As midnight gets metaphorically darker, we realise that the roads Saket was trying to describe never existed. Perhaps the Uber driver doesn’t exist either.

Images courtesy Lumiere Project


Curated by Atul Kumar, Written by Dharmakirti Sumant, Directed by Alok Rajwade, Actor Siddharth Menon, Lights by Satyajeet Shobha Shreeram, Production Manager Ravi Chaudhari, Stage Management Parna Pethe, Rohit Petkar.

All 2019 Grants