On the Move



The exhibition battle scene is a celebration of the ethos of street dancing. Hip-hop, popping and locking, whacking, break, krump, B-boying and contouring are styles that will come together in a cypher accompanied by a beat boxer and a DJ. The third floor of a multi-level car park is chosen as an attempt to draw the audience into a more unique and intimate experience. Elaborating further on the street art tradition is a collaboration with a graffiti artiste.

Images courtesy Lumiere Project


Curated by Mayuri Upadhya, Performed by Bboy Joon, Bgirl Jo, Cyclone, Divya Easwaran, Dj Ivan, Ibrahim badshah, Mekhola bose, Shane Benedict Mendes, Swaroop Kishen, Velu Kumar Selvarajan, Zuboo, Srilakshmi Muralidharan, Nikhil, Vineeth Kumar, Produced by Serendipity Arts Foundation, Scale Medium, Year of Commission 2019

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