Arts Encounter - keli


Collaboration with Junoon
Conducted by Keli

28th – 29th November, 2017
Dr K.B. Hedgewar High school Cujira, Goa.


In order to bring access to the multiplicity of performing arts across the length and breadth of the country to the youth of India, Junoon, a theatre and arts organization, works with professional artists to create a unique school offer called Arts Encounters which shares the delight and magic of diverse Indian performance forms. Each encounter is a journey into the heart of an art form practiced in India. Through demonstration, interaction, conversation and performance, artists enable students to develop a sense of familiarity and understanding with these art forms that can otherwise feel out of reach. In the process, students claim these performance forms as their own to enjoy, appreciate and delight in. They imbibe a positive, complex and rich sense of our heritage and identity. 

In collaboration with Junoon, Arts Encounter was brought to Goa for the first time in November 2017. To conduct this workshop with a school in Goa, Junoon brought on board Keli a Mumbai-based organisation that introduces Kathakali to children, and works to support, sustain and encourage this classical heritage.

Images courtesy Douglas Gracias

Junoon seeks to weave arts experiences into the fabric of society. Working closely with artists from theatre and allied arts fields, we strive to build a world imbued with the spirit of the arts – a world where curiosity, imagination, empathy, resolve, courage and possibility are celebrated, nurtured and valued. Junoon then, is about creating access to theatre and the arts. We bring the arts into the spaces of our daily lives. We help bridge the gap between arts, artists and audiences. And we do this through a variety of arts experiences and engagements carefully designed and curated by us – some free public programmes and some designed for specific audiences. We work with one eye on the present and another on the future, with a strong focus on sharing the arts with children and young people as well.

KELI is a Mumbai based organization registered as a Charitable trust striving to preserve, develop and propagate the classical cultural heritage of India, many of which are now on the verge of extinction. Keli has been active in this field for the last 25 years and during this period, has successfully handled a number of important projects in furtherance of its objectives. The annual Keli festivals, structured thematically every year, are well known to artists and art lovers of the City and have earned the organization a significant place in the cultural life of Mumbai.