Dharti is an annual inter-disciplinary arts residency based in New Delhi, instituted in 2017 by Serendipity Arts Foundation. Each edition selects four emerging artists and a critic-in-residence or Residence Programmer, through applications invited by an Open Call, which are reviewed and shortlisted by an eminent jury comprising artists, curators, and domain experts in the arts.

The duration of the residency spans three months, from mid-May – mid-July, culminating in an Open Studio in August. Serendipity provides studio space, infrastructural support, accommodation, food, and other basic living expenses, along with a production grant. The artists are expected to create an artwork by the end of the residency, as a work in progress, displayed in an Open Studio exhibition. Each artist is encouraged to develop their practice, and the residency does not follow a thematic format.

The core of facilitating artistic practice is supplemented by a rigorous programme of studio visits, talks, gallery and museum visits, and workshops, which enable the residents to explore the arts eco-system based in Delhi.

These programmes are designed to give the artists a greater awareness of their own art practice, as well as exposure to other mediums, and the wherewithal to make the connections and build the networks required for the expansion of their practice. Besides a focus on art practice and production, each artist will be encouraged to share their work with their peers, and a critic-in-residence, who will be selected as a Residence Programmer by Serendipity Arts Foundation.

The critic-in-residence documents and contextualizes the residency. The resident artists will have the opportunity to regularly engage with them to discuss their practice, conceptual ideas and specific details about their works for the residency. The works created during the residency are displayed at one of the primary venues of Serendipity Arts Festival, alongside other contemporary art exhibitions and esteemed artists.

The artists are invited to Panjim, Goa to install their works and get an opportunity to interact with other practitioners from the field, to network, and for patrons to see their work


Dharti Arts Residency 2019

The third edition of Dharti Arts Residency showcased the works of 4 artists, including a sound artist and a performance artist.


Dharti Arts Residency 2018

The second edition of Dharti Arts Residency saw the artists working closely with a critic in residence.


Dharti Arts Residency 2017

2017 saw the first ever group of Dharti residents come together at Serendipity Arts Foundation's studio space in New Delhi for a three-month long residency.